The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF) was incorporated in the spring of 2006.   It was a collaborative effort of many leaders in the horse racing industry, including race tracks, jockeys, horsemen, and many others who had a vision of a program that would bring much-needed financial assistance to a group of athletes who have given so much to the sport of horse racing.  

The PDJF is governed by an independent board comprised of stakeholders from a broad cross-section of the horse racing industry.     

The mission of the Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund is to promote awareness of the needs of permanently disabled jockeys through public advocacy; to provide financial support to permanently disabled jockeys to help defray everyday expenses associated with living with a catastrophic injury; to provide financial support and assistance in obtaining medical coverage for permanently disabled jockeys; and to promote medical research dedicated to reducing catastrophic injuries within the horse racing industry..    

Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund Board Members

G. R. Carter                                       
Jon Court - Vice President
Bo Derek                                 
William Farish
Jack Fires
Craig Fravel
Peggy Hendershot
Mike Joyce
Nancy LaSala - President
Terry Meyocks
Bill Murphy - Treasurer
Billy Peterson - Secretary
Bill Punk
Mike Rogers
John Velazquez

Most on-track catastrophic injuries occur at such a young age in one’s adult life, there are limited opportunities to be financially prepared.




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