The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF) was incorporated in the spring of 2006.   It was a collaborative effort of many leaders in the horse racing industry, including race tracks, jockeys, horsemen, and many others who had a vision of a program that would bring much-needed financial assistance to a group of athletes who have given so much to the sport of horse racing.  

The PDJF is governed by an independent board comprised of stakeholders from a broad cross-section of the horse racing industry.     

The PDJF is committed to working with both industry and medical research groups to improve the safety of both the human and equine athlete as well as medical research projects dedicated to reducing catastrophic injuries.    

Permanently Disabled Jockey Fund Board Members

G. R. Carter                                       
Jon Court - Vice President
Bo Derek                                 
William Farish
Jack Fires
Craig Fravel
Peggy Hendershot
Mike Joyce
Nancy LaSala - President
Terry Meyocks
Bill Murphy - Treasurer
Billy Peterson - Secretary
Bill Punk
Mike Rogers
John Velazquez

Most on-track catastrophic injuries occur at such a young age in one’s adult life, there are limited opportunities to be financially prepared.




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