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      G R Carter

      These jockeys sacrificed their health so the industry can race horses. The PDJF is the best vehicle to provide financial assistance to these ex-athletes for their misfortune. I whole-heartedly support the PDJF and feel that the people in our industry should feel compelled to step up to the plate and help to support these permanently disabled jockeys.

      Eight Time Recipient of the American Quarter Horse Association
      (AQHA) World Champion Jockey

      Jerry Bailey

      Although I broke 17 bones in a 31-year career as a jockey, I consider myself both fortunate and blessed, yes I am one of the lucky ones. One of those who was able to walk away in relatively good health, and those that haven't been so fortunate desperately need our continued support. Very few jockeys are the millionaires that so many picture, and they struggle to meet both the emotional and financial demands that come with being disabled. Please find it in your heart to help the dedicated men and women that have given us all so many thrills on the backs of the animals that we hold so dear.

      Hall of Fame Jockey
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